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What you need to know about Home Security and Personal Safety 

It could happen to you.  Even if you live in a safe area, someone could break into you home.  If it does happen, there are very few things more devastating than a violation of one's home.  Our home is our castle and if we can't feel safe there, where can we?

Crime happens, Unfortunately.  There's a burglary happening somewhere in the United States every 15 seconds and a property crime every three seconds.  Add to that a couple of motor vehicle thefts every minute and an enormous number of violent crimes and you see that we're not quite as safe as we think we are, and that applies even to home security in safe neighborhoods.

There is no need to live life in fear, but it does make sense to reduce your odds of becoming the victim of a crime.  Do your research - check out local home security company reviews and see what your options are from both a supply and pricing pov. There are a number of ways to stop burglars and make your home an undesirable target.  Keeping a crime from happening is a lot better than dealing with the terrible consequences of a robbery or crime.  But how do you go about making your home safer?

The best rule is making robbing your home as time consuming and risky as possible.  Criminals like to pick easy targets where they can quickly hit and run.  Make that impossible, and you have just decreased the likelihood of a break in and increased your families’ safety.

Start with always locking your windows and doors.  Make sure you have locks that cannot easily be broken.  Install motion activated alarms.  Consider adding security cameras and even fake cameras help.  Be aware of home security installation costs around your area and who the home security installation pros are. Those should be obvious enough to make a burglar think he's being recorded.  Security and spy cameras come in many shapes and forms, from the very obvious to totally hidden cameras.

If you are away a lot, install security cameras and alarms.  If you keep valuables in your home, look into home security installation contractors or consider using diversion safes to hide things in, some look like soda bottles, spray cleaners, books, clocks, etc.

And for your personal safety or self defense, it makes sense to consider things like pepper spray or stun guns.  Both are small and handy, and will disable an attacker rather than injure him permanently.  Today's stun guns are very small and inexpensive so they can be stored away or carried around even in purses.  Pepper spray also comes in a variety of small packages and they cost very little.  Although we hope we never have to use them, both provide personal safety and self-defense.

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